【 Sales Platform, a sales automation service with sales agency & sales DX tools | Case Study】

Implemented Sales Platform, a sales automation service, to improve order value, acquire new customers, and accumulate know-how.

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【 Summary 】

 KYOEI PLATCS Inc. is a company involved in plastic mold design and fabrication and injection molding.
 The company has been developing new businesses, such as starting contracted mold repair and overhaul services, but they felt that the lack of a sales representative was a problem. However, the company doubted that hiring a sales representative would be cost-effective enough, given its lack of funds to hire someone and its lack of sales expertise. Aidma Holdings Inc.’s “Sales Platform,” which provides data and marketing results and validation in the form of data, matched the company’s need to accumulate know-how, and the company decided to implement the service.
 After implementing the service, the company was able to delegate all of its sales activities, allowing it to use its time more efficiently and increase the amount of time it can focus on its own business by approximately 15%. The company also feels that one of the benefits of the service is that it has created a foundation for sales by allowing them to verify the effectiveness of the talk scripts they use in their sales activities.

Detail of the article:https://www.aidma-hd.jp/case/zirei-129/

Service provider : Aidma Holdings Inc.
Service user : KYOEI PLATCS Inc.

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