【 Production of own NFT sales platform with consultation | Case Study】

In order to break away from relying on advertising revenue as an influencer, they successfully secured a new revenue source by utilizing NFT sales platform production services.

Influencer S has succeeded in securing a revenue source that does not rely on advertising revenue by using the NFT sales platform production solution provided by FUNSIDE Inc. We interviewed Mr. Nakayama of Funside Inc. and Mr. S. about the background of the introduction and its effects, including why he is looking for a revenue source other than advertising revenue and why they decided to enter the NFT market.


Problems before the introduction

The only source of revenue was advertising revenue from affiliates.

The value of the content was not maximized yet.

Wanted to increase engagement with our fans and create a stronger fan base.

Effect/Expect after the introduction

Securing a new revenue source other than advertising revenue was achieved.

The value of the content by utilizing NFT was maximized.

Engagement with followers and strengthen connection with fans were increased.


What kind of activities do you do as an influencer?

It is difficult to put our faces and names out there this time due to our marketing situation, so I’ll just give you a rough idea, I started YouTube about 4 years ago, and now I am mainly active on Instagram, but I am also active on social networking sites in various other genres, with travel as my main focus, and I also use a blog. In addition to our personal account, We have a team of other freelancers and have accounts in various genres. We make our main income from affiliate advertising revenue, called “corporate projects”.


This image shows a mock-up image of an iPhone with the YouTube and Instagram logo images superimposed.

How did Mr. S. come to introduce the services of Funside Inc. and what were some of the issues he was facing?

Since our revenue source was heavily dependent on affiliate advertising, we were concerned about stabilizing and expanding our revenue in the future. We also felt that we could increase the value of our content, and we wanted to do something to make our followers more happy. I was thinking and searching for something, and I was interested in NFT and the fact that Funside could provide consulting services for NFT business, so I decided to install their service.

Why Mr. S. decided to hire Funside Inc. from among a number of companies?

The deciding factor for us was not only the production of our NFT Mint website, but also the fact that they could provide consulting services related to the NFT business. We felt that we could rely on them because we lacked knowledge and experience in the NFT business.

Did you have any special steps you took to prepare the environment for the introduction of FUNSIDE Inc. services? Or, if there was anything you did to prepare for the service after you requested it, please let us know.

When we offered to FUNSIDE Inc., we first reviewed our own contents to determine the best way to convert them to NFT. We also thought it was necessary to review our information dissemination and promotion strategies for our fans, so we prepared for the introduction of the NFT Mint site while considering these aspects.

Do you have any kind of what you took care of, what you struggled with, and what you devised in response to this request?

Our company was previously involved in an NFT project called Kisaragi, and I wondered if there were some similarities to that project. In particular, I thought there were similarities in the way we used social networking sites to spread the word about NFT content and to sell products.

So this time, we were building an NFT Mint site for influencers, and they have a lot of content and fans, we focused on providing a design and functionality that would be suitable for this audience. We also needed to take into consideration the characteristics of the travel industry, so we proceeded with caution, taking that into account as well. We also gave advice on promotion strategies and pricing to make it easier for fans to be interested in purchasing NFT.

Due to marketing conflicts, we are unable to show you Mr. S’s site, so we would like you to take a look at Kisaragi’s demo site instead to get a feel for it.

Mock-up image of the NFT project in Kisaragi.

KISARAGI NFT Demo Site Images


Reference: Kisaragi NFT demo site

What kind of effect did you obtain after implementing the company's services? Or, what effect do you expect in the future?

By creating an NFT Mint site, we were able to achieve our goal of creating a revenue source other than affiliate advertising by selling our content in NFT format and creating members-only NFT. We also feel that our engagement with our fans has improved and that this has helped to revitalize our community. I would like to continue to work on new projects, see what can be converted to NFT, try a membership plan exclusively for NFT owners, and to do other things to increase revenue and deepen the connection with our fans.

How do you feel after your experience with FUNSIDE Inc?

I think it was great that we were able to establish a new source of revenue by hiring FUNSIDE to create the NFT Mint website, and also that we were able to strengthen our connection with our fans. Also, thanks to FUNSIDE’s consulting services, the implementation went smoothly, which was very helpful.

Do you have any requests for FUNSIDE Inc. about services you would like FUNSIDE Inc. to incorporate or improve or any extensions of the services you would like to do in the future?

In the future, we would like to strengthen our connection with fans by converting more content to NFT, so we would like FUNSIDE to continue to consult with us from time to time and respond to updates, such as adding new functions. Also, in line with the expansion of the NFT business, we would like to collaborate with other influencers and promote other initiatives such as events in the future.

Do you have a message for those who are looking for similar services in the future?

FUNSIDE Inc. provides consulting services for business promotion and the creation of NFT sales platforms, sometimes called “mint sites”, that are tailored to the needs of our clients by professionals who are well-versed in NFT. We offer the best solutions for those who want to start an NFT business or incorporate NFT into their existing business, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

If you are interested in using NFT for your business, whether you are an influencer, illustrator, or other content owner, or if you are considering NFT-related services as part of your business, please contact us. If you are not sure how you can make use of NFT, that is no problem at all.


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Various consulting, content production and sales
Mr. Nakayama, an engineer and PR person at FUNSIDE Inc., was originally involved in cryptocurrency, NFT, and other web3-related businesses, and has extensive knowledge of NFT business.
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Influencer, blog management, SNS content creation
Mr. S. is an influencer mainly on Instagram and transmits through her blog and social networking sites. In order to create another revenue source that is not dependent on advertising revenue, and to increase engagement with her fans, she introduced the services of FUNSIDE Inc.
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