【 Survey Consulting | Case Study】

Consulting on a survey for HIV-positive people that will be a party-participatory project with the participation and cooperation of a large number of HIV-positive people.

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【 Summary 】

Accelight Inc. provided consulting services for a survey for HIV-positive people, a project aimed at “realizing a healthier life for HIV-positive people in their way” and “creating a social environment that is easy to live in”.
Since the project involved the parties concerned taking the initiative in all aspects of the project, including portal site content, survey design, scrutiny of survey items, and requests for survey cooperation, Accelight Inc. acted as a member of the web team to formulate the technical use, website construction, and promotion of the survey.
Accelight Inc. was also involved in processing, tabulating, and analyzing the data obtained from the web survey, and published the research results in a document on the website, as well as in academic presentations.

Detail of the article:https://accelight.co.jp/works/survey-results/futuresjapan/

Service provider : Accelight Inc.
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