【 X-ray examination | Case Study】

Bottles used in bottled infant formula are inspected with an X-ray inspection system specifically designed for bottles to further enhance safety.

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【 Summary 】

Candia, an affiliate of the major French dairy cooperative, inspects 10 million polypropylene bottles for infant formula each year using an X-ray inspection system from ISHIDA CO., LTD.
Ishida’s proprietary algorithms greatly improve image processing capabilities, allowing the system to detect the tiniest pieces of metal, glass, bone, shell, grit, plastic, and hard rubber.
This X-ray inspection system has made it possible to produce approximately 6,000 bottles per hour with high reliability.

Detail of the article:https://www.ishida.co.jp/ww/jp/solutions/case-studies/

Service provider : ISHIDA CO.,LTD.
Service user : Candia

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