【 PR | Case Study】

Publicize the heart health awareness and prevention of heart disease through publicity, websites, and media coverage.

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【 Summary 】

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation felt that increasing interest in heart health and preventing heart disease was a challenge, and used the PR services of J. Public Relations, Inc. to solve this problem.
The following three items were identified as the PR strategy, and PR was implemented through the following services: corporate public relations/disease awareness/press briefings/planning and implementation/planning and production of press materials/planning and production management of web pages.
(1) Focus on “food,” which is familiar to everyone, as a mechanism to make heart disease a “personal goal
(2) Establish a platform for industry-government-academia collaboration to promote heart-healthy eating habits.
(3) Information distribution through introductions not only in the media, but also at events, medical institutions, dietitian associations, and grocery stores in and outside of the prefecture.

In the process of PR, the company received an award of excellence in the Social Communication category of the 2015 PR Award Grand Prix.

Detail of the article:http://www.k-jpr.com/activities/edwards

Service provider : J. Public Relations, Inc.
Service user : Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

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