【 E-commerce site production | Case Study】

When creating an e-commerce site, a dedicated team is stationed at the client’s site to support operations from planning to production.

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【 Summary 】

When creating an e-commerce site for JAPANET TAKATA CO., LTD., a dedicated team was stationed at the client’s site to support the entire process from planning to production.
Based on access log analysis, the team reviewed the design of the lead-in line and conducted AB testing to make improvements that led to increased sales.
In addition to providing operational support, the team also provided training on-site design and coding, contributing to the improvement of employees’ skills.

Detail of the article:https://www.tifana.com/works/001761/

Service provider : Tifana.com Co., Ltd.
Service user : JAPANET TAKATA CO., LTD.

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