【 UI/UX Design | Case Study】

Supported the production of a UI/UX renewal project for “doda Recruiters,” one of Japan’s largest recruiting database services.

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【 Summary 】

At the timing of the UI/UX renewal, adaptation to smartphone design, and addition of new functions for “doda Recruiters,” one of Japan’s largest personnel database services provided by PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD., DSCL Inc. helped produce the UI/UX.
Because of the wide variety of yesterday’s events and the broad user base, the designers needed to grasp the entire project efficiently. Therefore, we provided support for the project in the following three phases
1. Grasp the overall picture of the service through the production of handwritten wires
2. Divide into those who create the path, those who fix the path, and those who prepare the path
3. To make knowledge of this experience by looking back.

The “doda Recruiters” service has a very wide range of companies and people using it, and it is equipped with all kinds of functions related to recruiting.
While extending the advantages of this service as much as possible, we aimed to realize a service that is easy to use for the people we decided on.

Detail of the article:https://dscl.jp/works/933/

Service provider : DSCL Inc.
Service user : PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD.

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