【 Logistics Outsourcing | Case Study】

By outsourcing logistics, logistics problems were eliminated, allowing the company to concentrate on sales. As a result, customer satisfaction improved.

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【 Summary 】

K.K.IGARASHI, which sells beach goods, has outsourced the logistics part of its business to FREE CELL Co., Ltd., allowing it to concentrate on sales.
FREE CELL Co., Ltd.’s logistics services are delivered, shipped, and managed inventory with a friendly attitude toward the client’s customers, and its well-trained employees have made the company’s operations more efficient and error-free.
The company has been able to spend more time on sales, and as a result, customer satisfaction has improved even more than before.

Detail of the article:http://www.freecell.co.jp/voice2.html

Service provider : FREE CELL Co.,Ltd.
Service user : K.K.IGARASHI

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