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In collaboration with universities and experts in Japan and abroad, the company has communicated to the media the health value of fruit, which is rich in nutrients.

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【 Summary 】

A major fruit importer and distributor has asked BRAINS COMPANY, Inc. to take on the PR challenge of promoting understanding of the nutrients in fruits that they want to actively incorporate into their daily lives.
The company communicated the health value of fruit to the media regarding the health benefits of fruit nutrition.
Developed recipes utilizing fruit with cookery researchers and nutritionists to address lifestyle-related diseases and other health issues. Through project proposals to the media in conjunction with the time of the year, we were able to make the media widely aware of the project.

Detail of the article:https://pjbc.co.jp/case/%e6%a0%84%e9%a4%8a%e7%b4%a0%e3%81%8c%e8%b1%8a%e5%af%8c%e3%81%ab%e3%81%a4%e3%81%be%e3%81%a3%e3%81%9f%e3%83%95%e3%83%ab%e3%83%bc%e3%83%84%e3%81%ae%e5%81%a5%e5%ba%b7%e4%be%a1%e5%80%a4%e3%82%92%e8%a8%b4/

Service provider : BRAINS COMPANY, Inc.
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