【 edge AI camera | Case Study】

Developed a facial recognition payment platform using smart devices and edge AI cameras.

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【 Summary 】

Biometric authentication using edge AI, which processes in a local environment without going through the Internet, excels in security and fast response.
By incorporating this edge AI and further innovations in the face matching module, 3D face recognition has been made faster.
Once a face is registered, by linking the minimum necessary information in the cloud, face recognition can be performed on multiple devices, and multiple cameras can be used to uniquely determine store visitors and analyze their behavior and purchase history.
SECURE, INC. has introduced a face recognition payment platform using this edge AI camera into its SECURE AI STORE LAB (future unmanned store) and has been able to automate payment with face recognition.

Detail of the article:https://www.headwaters.co.jp/service/ai/facial_payment.html

Service provider : Headwaters Co., Ltd.
Service user : SECURE, INC.

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