【 Transport Robot | Case Study】

The cooperative transport robot THOUZER, which can be easily and safely handled by anyone, was introduced to streamline operations.

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【 Summary 】

MARUNI BUSINESS LOGISTICS CORPORATION introduced the cooperative transport robot THOUZER from the viewpoint of solving the manpower shortage, because the company’s storage area had expanded with the increase in cargo volume, and the time required for transport had increased due to the increased distance traveled per trip.
The main reasons for introducing the robot were that it was easy and safe to use for the elderly and handicapped staff working there and that it was inexpensive and cost-effective to install.
The THOUZER is equipped with a line tracing function that follows behind the operator like a mallard duck, and a line tracing function that diverges and merges on the reflective tape, making it possible to create and change routes on their own.

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