【 App development | Case Study】

By having those who know the field develop the apps, we produce apps that are easy to use in the field.

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【 Summary 】

Osaka Metro decided to introduce FileMaker and iPads in order to take on new challenges and innovations.
Since FileMaker allows for easy application development, Osaka Metro’s Operation Section took the lead in developing the application.
By asking KOTOBUKI SHOKAI CORPORATION to provide technical support in terms of system reliability and availability, starting with environment construction, even novice app developers were able to develop the app on their own.
The applied technical aspects of FileMaker were reinforced by Kotobuki Shokai’s technical consulting, and custom applications requiring advanced technology, such as integration with LINE WORKS and e-learning systems, were developed by Kotobuki Shokai.
The fact that the apps were developed by people who knew the field enabled innovation in a short period of time, including information sharing and business efficiency improvement.

Detail of the article:https://kotovuki.co.jp/archives/9316

Service user : Osaka Metro Co., Ltd

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