【 Automatic processing machine | Case Study】

The only manufacturer of aircraft parts in Tohoku. As orders increase, the company has streamlined its operations by incorporating automated processing machines from Matsuura Machinery Corporation, and even with a small workforce, the company is able to demonstrate sufficient production capacity.

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【 Summary 】

YachiyodaSeimitsu is a machine parts processing company founded in 2000. At the time of its establishment, the company was the only manufacturer of aircraft parts in Tohoku.
As the company responded to changes in production volume and methods, such as the change from aluminum to stainless steel for components used in aircraft and the need for mass production of aircraft, it introduced Matsuura’s MAM72-35V machining center, which is capable of 5-axis machining and unmanned operation for extended periods of time.
The ability to maximize the use of 32 pallets and operate at full capacity 365 days a year enabled the company to respond to mass production.
In addition, when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, the production facilities were rendered unusable due to the earthquake, but Matsuura immediately dispatched a caravan team to maintain the machines, and together with four Matsuura employees, they serviced the machines and checked their accuracy, and were able to resume operations one week after the earthquake.

Detail of the article:https://www.matsuura.co.jp/japan/m-news/tazunete/%e5%b1%b1%e5%bd%a2%e7%9c%8c%e7%b1%b3%e6%b2%a2%e3%81%ae%e5%9c%b0%e3%81%a7%e8%88%aa%e7%a9%ba%e5%ae%87%e5%ae%99%e6%a9%9f%e5%99%a8%e9%83%a8%e5%93%81%e5%8a%a0%e5%b7%a5%e3%81%ab%e7%89%b9%e5%8c%96%e3%81%99

Service provider : Matsuura Machinery Corporation
Service user : YachiyodaSeimitsu

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