【 WMS | Case Study】

The introduction of e-Logisoko has resulted in a 30% efficiency improvement in picking operation time!

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【 Summary 】

Fujinomiya Tsuun Co., Ltd. had been facing the issues of improving work efficiency and fine lot control through the use of a system, as shipping operations were time-consuming. Since an affiliated company had introduced the WMS “e-Logisoko” and had achieved positive results, Fujinomiya Tsuun decided to switch from its existing system.
The standard function of e-Logisoko, “Location Management,” enables automatic allocation of cargo instructions linked to location information, picking instructions, and detailed freshness management, while “Lot Management” enables not only first-in, first-out but also prioritized shipping based on expiration dates and best-before dates.
Compared to the previous system, the screen development is simpler and easier to operate, so training on operational input can be completed in about a week, and the closing process has been shortened by realistic updates, which has reduced overtime work by the input staff by about 10%.

Detail of the article:https://www.sst-web.com/service/package/voice/#soko

Service provider : Suzuyo System Technology Co., Ltd.
Service user : Fujinomiya Tsuun Co., Ltd.

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