【 Order system | Case Study】

Sharp’s POS terminal and Putmenu integration reduces ordering and accounting tasks in restaurants and enhances data analysis.

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【 Summary 】

There have always been challenges in terms of manpower to operate a restaurant, and considering that demand will expand in the future, it was essential to improve the efficiency of operations. The company also wanted to improve the efficiency of data processing for sales, ordering, attendance, etc. and decided to introduce an order system.
Putmenu is linked to the order system, and restaurant customers can order and pay with the app. Once the menu is selected and paid for with the app and simply placing the smartphone on the Putmenu mark on the table, the order data is sent to the POS terminal and printed out. This system is also effective for inbound demand as it is available in multiple languages.

Detail of the article:https://smj.jp.sharp/bs/cases/201709b.html

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