【 BI Tool | Case Study】

The introduction of BI tools enabled employees to analyze data on their own and increased the company’s overall numerical awareness.

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【 Summary 】

MURASHO Co., Ltd. wanted to improve the aggregate data output functionality of its sales management tools.
To respond to the detailed needs of customers, the company needed to output information promptly and customize the tool to meet their needs, which was costing them a great deal of money each time.
With the introduction of NJK’s BI tool “DataNature Smart,” the system can now be updated every 30 minutes, enabling timely information to be viewed. In addition, employees are now able to perform detailed data analysis on their own in a short time, which has increased their awareness of numerical values and enabled them to make decisions based on the situation.
When used in meetings, the ability to instantly discuss using timely data has made it easier to make decisions.

Detail of the article:https://datanature.njk.co.jp/result/murasho/index.html#business001

Service provider : NTT DATA NJK Corporation
Service user : MURASHO Co., Ltd.

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