【 Customer Information Management System | Case Study】

By implementing a system that can store and quickly reference a vast amount of records, the company was able to instantly respond to customer inquiries and improve work efficiency.

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【 Summary 】

OGUshow co., ltd. manufactures custom-made transporters as its mainstay products. In the past, the company had to check the purchase history, modification history, etc., from memory or by observing customer reactions, and then make necessary modifications or repairs.
Then, Entetsu System Service Co., Ltd. proposed a system that could store a vast amount of records, including images, for quick reference.
The ability to quickly check the history of which wires were routed where what repairs were made, etc., facilitated responses to customer inquiries and improved customer satisfaction, and also made modifications and repairs easier and more efficient.

Detail of the article:https://www.ess.co.jp/voice/ogushow/

Service provider : Entetsu System Service Co.,Ltd.
Service user : OGUshow co.,ltd.

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