【 Knowledge management | Case Study】

Incorporated knowledge management and established a system to quickly respond to consultations.

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【 Summary 】

Yahoo Japan had originally outsourced its help desk for IT-related equipment consultation from employees to another company but decided to outsource it to PERSOL WORKS DESIGN when it realized that it was dependent on the skills of individuals and was unable to accumulate knowledge.
Because the system originally relied on individuals, when a problem occurred that could not be solved by the person in charge, it was necessary to share information internally with other members of the team for consideration, and it took time to respond to consultations from employees.
In addition, the quality of responses varied from person to person due to the lack of accumulated knowledge.
By changing the outsourcing company, the company was able to respond more quickly and deliver more appropriate information. In addition, knowledge is now shared, and the company has moved away from a system that relies on individuals.

Detail of the article:https://www.persol-wd.co.jp/casestudy/yahoo/

Service provider : PERSOL WORKS DESIGN CO., LTD.
Service user : Yahoo Japan

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