【 Outsourcing | Case Study】

Installing CASTER BIZ to outsource part of the recruiting work to mass recruiting and improve efficiency in preparation. Outsourcing to other departments was also developed.

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【 Summary 】

Uzabase, inc. had plans to hire more than 100 people to meet its growth goals, and the company implemented CASTER BIZ because it could not be handled by a recruiting team of only 4~5 people at the time.
Because CASTER BIZ is flexible in terms of the tools and services it uses, it can handle a wide range of work content, and the team spends 70-100 hours per month on the job.
We would like to request CASTER BIZ to perform tasks other than the ones we are supposed to do, but another advantage of introducing CASTER BIZ is that we can flexibly adjust the contracted hours each month according to our budget.
Even if we hire one person, it does not mean that we will need more manpower during the busy season, so we can ensure that the work can be carried out at any time of the year.
Currently, word of CASTER BIZ has spread within the company and installed CASTER BIZ not only in the hiring department, but also in other departments such as PR, labor relations, general affairs, and business divisions.

Detail of the article:https://cast-er.com/voice/smes/uzabase/

Service provider : Caster Co. Ltd.
Service user : Uzabase, inc.

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