【 Specialized consulting for the food industry | Case Study】

Launched an e-commerce site for seafood products, mainly tuna, and in just 8 months, monthly sales exceeded 10 million yen!

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【 Summary 】

Yoshiishokuhin Co., Ltd., which operated delicatessen and conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, was faced with the need to rethink the way restaurants should operate in light of intensifying competition for market share and reforms in the way people work.
At the time, the company wondered if there was a system that could sell as efficiently as vending machines, and came up with the idea of an Internet-based business.
So he attended a seminar by Rerise Consulting Inc. and immediately applied for individual consultation after hearing that the reason for unsuccessful mail-order sales was that people thought of their stores as vending machines and that they should build a store instead of building a website.
Rerise Consulting Inc.’s strategy was to specialize in the keyword “tuna,” and in November 2018, they opened their e-commerce site, “Tuna Ordering Mail Order Specialty Store – Tuna Yoshii.
In addition to its website, the company entered major online malls and quickly achieved its initial goal of 10 million yen per year, and surpassed 10 million yen in monthly sales eight months from the beginning.

Detail of the article:https://rerise-consulting.com/wp/archives/success/success008

Service provider : Rerise Consulting Inc.
Service user : Yoshiishokuhin Co., Ltd.

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