【 LINE WORKS | Case Study】

By connecting with customers on LINE app and strengthening responsiveness, and by digitizing the approval process, the company was able to “de-stamp” and reduce turnaround time by one-seventh!

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【 Summary 】

Honda Cars Mikawa which had been relying on telephone and e-mail to communicate between sales staff and customers and between employees, introduced LINE WORKS as a tool to facilitate communication.
The introduction of LINE WORKS had the following three major benefits.
Sales staff can connect to the customer’s LINE and communicate smoothly with each other.
Information can be shared more precisely among employees by replacing telephone calls and e-mails with talk and bulletin boards.
・Connection with the workflow tool “SmartFlow” reduced the turnaround time from 14 days to 2 days.
Other advantages exist as well, such as the ability to read an email and know that it has been read even if no reply is received improved effectiveness when campaign information is distributed, and the ability to communicate with images and video, unlike email.
The linkage between LINE WORKS and SmartFlow allows for paperless approval work to proceed in a gap of time, and approval work that used to take up to two weeks with bad timing has been reduced to about two days.

Detail of the article:https://line.worksmobile.com/jp/cases/honda-yonrin/

Service provider : WORKS MOBILE Japan Corp.
Service user : Honda Cars MIKAWA

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