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Aiming for high-quality and high-efficiency factories based on IoT, the company has centrally visualized 25 manufacturing management indices.

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【 Summary 】

Panasonic Appliance Company introduced MotionBoard, a BI dashboard that consolidates and visualizes data and links it to actions.
This enabled the centralization of digital data and the visualization of a total of 25 manufacturing management indicators, including 4M (Man, Machine, Material, and Method) change points, production progress, and quality data.
The system was introduced amid factory IoT initiatives based on “Hito-Monozukuri,” enabling real-time viewing of data connecting all kinds of objects and processes.
In addition, it has become possible to support the transformation of the factory into one that responds agilely to change points and process abnormalities that are occurring now and takes action.

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Service user : Panasonic Corporation

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