【 AI Auto-Response | Case Study】

Introduced an AI-based automatic response system and concentrated more than 90% of operator utilization on handling churn calls. As a result, the retention rate increased fourfold.

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【 Summary 】

BULK HOMME Co., Ltd. decided to introduce “BEDORE Voice Conversation” in response to the need for BCP measures at the call center in the event of a disaster, etc., and to improve LTV by stopping cancellations.
Approximately 70% of the inquiries to the call center are about cancellation, 20% are typical inquiries such as change of delivery date or plan, and 10% are about skin concerns or products.
After the introduction of the service, almost all inquiries except those that can only be handled by a human operator can now be handled automatically by AI, achieving a dialogue completion rate of over 75%.
In addition, of the calls previously handled by operators, inquiries related to cancellation were in the high 60% range, but since the automated response system has narrowed down the content to be handled by operators, the response ratio has increased significantly to 95.2% after the service was introduced.
This enabled the operators to fully listen to the customer’s concerns, and as a result, the concerns were resolved, leading to the continuance of the service, and the continuance rate jumped four-fold compared to the pre-introduction level.

Detail of the article:https://www.bedore.jp/casestudy/bulk_homme_01

Service provider : PKSHA Communication Inc.
Service user : BULK HOMME Co., Ltd.

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