【 Cloud Recording Camera | Case Study】

The installation of Safie’s cloud recording cameras in the incubation facility ensures the safety and security of members and staff, as well as the convenience of sharing information with management.

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【 Summary 】

Kiraboshi Bank, which operates KicSpace, an incubation facility that supports business startups, wanted to implement security measures by introducing highly advanced systems and services from the standpoint of startup support.
Safie is an innovator in the cloud camera industry and matched their concept, so they decided to install the system without hesitation.
The cloud recording of clear, high-quality images from the cameras has not only ensured the safety and security of members and staff but has also been useful for information sharing, as it allows management, who cannot visit the facility frequently, to check the images.

Detail of the article:https://article.safie.link/casestudy/kiraboshi/

Service provider : Safie Inc.
Service user : Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd.

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