【 Counseling Microscope | Case Study】

The introduction of counseling microscopes with numerical results in hair growth salons has eliminated differences in staff advice.

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【 Summary 】

The previous counseling microscope had a screen and microscope in one unit and only projected images onto a screen at hand, making it difficult to use and resulting in inconsistencies in advice given by staff.
With the newly introduced counseling microscope, the image captured by the microscope can be projected onto a tablet, and each value is displayed numerically, eliminating differences in staff advice.
The microscope was also highly evaluated for its compact size and the fact that it can fit in a pocket, so it does not feel heavy to carry.

Detail of the article:https://3rrr-btob.jp/archives/case/no9315

Service provider : 3R SOLUTION CORP.
Service user : ARTNATURE INC.

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