【 MEO Measures | Case Study】

The company went from being out of the Google Map rankings for “trunk room x place name” to 1st place with the addition of images!

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【 Summary 】

Root Storhub Corporation (formerly Tokyo Reise Co., Ltd.) operates a trunk room business and implemented MEO measures with the KPIs of attracting more customers to its stores through MEO and displaying their business information in the top 3 positions on Google Maps.
Originally, five stores were out of the top three, but this was because they had not been evaluated since the account had just been launched and it was difficult for them to be listed in the top three due to a large number of competitors.
Therefore, we considered operational methods that would differentiate the stores from competitors, and since competitors tended to add few images, we added 6 to 8 images for each store that would help the customers understand the atmosphere of the stores.
Six months after the implementation of MEO measures, all five stores were listed in the top three, and three of them were ranked No. 1 in search rankings by keyword.

Detail of the article:https://growthseed.jp/case/casestudy-meo1/

Service provider : Full Speed Inc.
Service user : Root Storhub Corporation

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