【 Contract Review AI Cloud | Case Study】

Improved negotiation skills when signing contracts using the contract review AI cloud LeCHECK.

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【 Summary 】

Japan Novel Corporation had a database of contracts with business partners, there were omissions in some places, and from the perspective of contract management, the company was faced with the challenge of having a minimum number of required items. The company also faced the problem that it was difficult for salespeople to read contracts and negotiate according to the other party in terms of their legal skills.
Therefore, they introduced LeCHECK, a contract review AI cloud.
The main purpose of introducing LeCHECK was to enable salespeople to make their own judgments about how the contents of the contract would affect their business, and they continue to use it.
After the introduction of LeCHECK, they began to use LeCHECK to proactively check contracts before submitting them for review by their superiors.

Detail of the article:https://lisse-law.com/usecase/en/jnovel/

Service provider : Lisse Co., Ltd.
Service user : Japan Novel Corporation

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