【 IoT implementation support | Case Study】

A remote monitoring system utilizing IoT technology was introduced to prevent the occurrence of contaminated water leakage accidents caused by missing the filter replacement time.

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【 Summary 】

JOHNAN CORPORATION is a manufacturing company with various domestic and international operations, and although it had begun working on IoT, it had not made much progress in Digital transformation because it did not have the knowledge of where and how to start.
Therefore, the company strengthened its IoT efforts with the cooperation of eftax Co., Ltd., which has expertise in data analysis and edge development.
The temperature at equipment maintenance sites can exceed 40 degrees Celsius, making it a tedious job for users to perform maintenance. As a result, they sometimes leave the equipment unmaintained, causing liquid leaks, and some companies have invested millions of yen in equipment to address this problem.
To solve this problem, eftax Co., Ltd. is developing a system that detects the drain water level of filters in air compressor peripheral equipment with a liquid level detection sensor and alerts distributors when the water level reaches a certain level and it is time to replace the filter. eftax Co., Ltd. was able to quickly produce a prototype and accelerate development by advancing device and cloud development, etc.

Detail of the article:https://eftax.co.jp/case/case001/

Service provider : eftax Co., Ltd.
Service user : JOHNAN Corporation

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