【 Collaboration and Co-creation | Case Study】

By introducing Beatrust, a platform that visualizes human resource information and activates collaboration and co-creation, it has become possible to leverage knowledge and share expertise and human networks among employees who had never met before.

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【 Summary 】

AGC Inc. has introduced Beatrust, a platform for visualizing human resource information and stimulating collaboration and co-creation among employees with various experiences and skills.
Through the use of Beatrust Ask, one of Beatrust’s functions, receive introductions to experts from employees they had never met before, which even led to the holding of a lecture meeting.
The Ceramics Department of AGC Inc.’s CNA activities had been holding lectures twice a year and inviting experts to speak, but when the theme for the fall lecture was decided to be “environment-related topics,” there were no members in their own department who had connections with experts.
So, we asked employees in other departments through Beatrust Ask, and within two days, eight people contacted us and we were able to successfully invite experts to give lectures.

Detail of the article:https://beatrust.com/story/agc

Service provider : Beatrust Inc
Service user : AGC Inc.

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