【 Time and Attendance Management System | Case Study】

Reduced man-hours spent managing drivers by implementing a time and attendance management system specialized for the transportation industry.

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【 Summary 】

Shigeta-ex corporation transports mainly spot deliveries of building materials and printed materials from Tokyo to all over Japan using 2-ton trucks and light cargo.
Before introducing “Attendance Driver”, an attendance management system from Logikin Co., Ltd., the company used to manage data entered by time card into Excel, but this was complicated and difficult to manage because of the many spot deliveries and varying working hours.
After the introduction of this system, drivers can now use their smartphones to imprint their time and the data is reflected on the management screen in real-time, eliminating the need to input the data directly into Excel.
Drivers are also able to see how much time they have worked when they clock in, making them more aware of their own working hours.

Detail of the article:https://logikin.com/case/case-848/

Service provider : Logikin Co.,Ltd.
Service user : Shigeta-ex corporation

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