【 Electronic drug history | Case Study】

By introducing Musubi, an electronic drug history system that also provides support for improving pharmacy management, the company has improved operational efficiency and increased the number of tracing reports.

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【 Summary 】

Temari Kofu Pharmacy (SPATEL Co., Ltd.) used another electronic drug history system before the introduction of Musubi, and at that time, the electronic drug history system was used as a tool for writing drug histories and only filling in the form.
By utilizing Musubi’s functions, it is possible to provide medication instruction while showing the screen, visualize management data, follow up with patients by LINE, and improve inventory management efficiency through AI.
The company decided to introduce Musubi with the expectation that it would enable better medication guidance to patients and improve the level of pharmacists.
After the introduction of the system, the company was able to go paperless and reduce the amount of time spent on filling out medication histories, and the extra time has led to an increase in the number of tracing reports being written.

Detail of the article:https://musubi.kakehashi.life/case/211130-temari

Service provider : KAKEHASHI Inc.
Service user : SPATEL Co., Ltd.

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