【 Order and supply system | Case Study】

By introducing the CO-NECT order and supply system, the company succeeded in reducing administrative work related to order receipt to invoice by more than 70 hours per month.

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【 Summary 】

NISSOPLUS Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sale of beauty and health equipment.
Originally, the company received orders from clients via e-mail or fax, which placed a heavy burden on the company in terms of manual administrative work, such as creating order confirmations and issuing invoices.
In addition, all slips were stored on paper, making them difficult to search, and the company incurred costs just to store them.
The company introduced CO-NECT, an easy-to-use, low-running cost order and supply system, to improve operational efficiency, and was able to reduce work time significantly by automatically checking orders and creating slips. In addition, the system has made the slips paperless, improving searchability and eliminating storage costs.
Specifically, the time required to prepare invoices has been reduced by approximately 80%, from 30 minutes to 5 minutes per order, resulting in a saving of more than 70 hours per month.

Detail of the article:https://biz.conct.jp/voice_supplier/nissoplus/

Service provider : CO-NECT corporation
Service user : NISSOPLUS Co., Ltd.

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