【 Referral Hiring | Case Study】

Utilizing the referral recruiting platform “MyRefer,” the company has realized streamlining of recruiting activities by receiving referrals of candidates that match the type of person the company seeks.

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【 Summary 】

Tata Consultancy Services Japan supports business success in diverse industries by collaborating with professionals around the world in a “hybrid model” that optimizes industry-leading IT services and solutions for Japanese companies.
In order to realize its growth strategy, the company is recruiting to hire 350 IT professionals who can work in a global environment. However, due to its large scale, the company needed to expand its recruiting channels, and it also felt limited in its ability to recruit solely through its recruiting team. Therefore, they decided to use referral recruiting and introduced “MyRefer,” a referral recruiting platform.
In referral recruiting, employees introduce personnel to the company for recruitment, so there is a higher likelihood that the candidate matches the company’s image of the type of a person it is looking for.
MyRefer, which was introduced this time, is a cloud service that allows easy introductions via smartphone, so it is a tool that allows employees to easily introduce personnel to the company with a single tap on LINE or other means.
In addition, since recruiters, job postings, and candidates can be managed on a single platform, it also eliminates the need to use multiple systems.

Detail of the article:https://i-myrefer.jp/media/case/tcs/

Service provider : MyRefer, Inc.
Service user : Tata Consultancy Services Japan

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