【 Cloud Billing Receiving Software | Case Study】

The introduction of “Bakuraku Bill”, a cloud-based invoice receipt software, automated accounting, and reduced labor costs.

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【 Summary 】

Astomos Retailing Co. Ltd is developing a business that supports general households nationwide from an energy perspective, centered on LP gas sales and inspections.
As part of its efforts to consolidate and systemize operations to improve the productivity of its corporate division, the company introduced Bakuraku bill, a cloud-based invoice receipt software, to improve the efficiency of its accounting operations.
Originally, invoices were processed by a specific temporary employee, but when that employee retired, the company was short-staffed and had to mobilize employees from other departments to perform unfamiliar tasks, which required a lot of man-hours. In addition, there was also the problem of human error in such a person-driven workflow.
The Bakuraku bill introduced this time has an AI-OCR function and can be read with an accuracy of more than 90%, so there is no need for correction and the business efficiency has been improved.
As a result, overtime work, which used to be about 80 hours per month during the busiest time in the past, has been reduced to a maximum of 20 hours after the introduction of this system.

Detail of the article:https://bakuraku.jp/case/astomos-retailing

Service provider : LayerX Inc.
Service user : Astomos Retailing Co.Ltd

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