【 Rental space and meeting room arrangements | Case Study】

Using a concierge service of a batch proposal of venues that meet the requirements, successfully reduced person-hours and consolidated billing.

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【 Summary 】

As a pioneer in online securities, Monex, Inc. has been reducing costs and wasteful processes and providing more convenient services. The company holds various seminars and events for customers who use its services, placing importance on face-to-face communication.
Originally, they had to check venues in an analog manner, and the process of inquiring about fees, negotiating discounts, confirming payment methods, etc. had become cumbersome. When they wanted to do something about this cumbersome process, they learned about the Space Concierge service provided by eichiii Inc. and started using it.
Using the Space Concierge service, they can get suggestions for potential venues by presenting detailed conditions such as the cleanliness of the venue, ease of access from the station, layout, specifications, and so on. Depending on the venue, it may also be possible to receive a price offer after negotiating a discount or to make reservations up to several months in advance. Once they use the service, they can also request “same as last time,” so they can arrange the venue they are looking for while also reducing communication costs. Even if they book multiple venues, only one invoice is sent from Space Concierge, leading to a reduction in man-hours for accounting work.

Detail of the article:https://space.eichiii.com/interviews/01.html

Service provider : eichiii Inc.
Service user : Monex, Inc.

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