【 Later payment (settlement) service | Case Study】

With the introduction of “GMO later payment” with real-time credit functionality, it can be possible that purchase immediately like credit cards without the fees associated with cash-on-delivery payments.

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【 Summary 】

Aderans Company Limited provides services for hair problems. The company started its e-commerce business in anticipation of a generation of customers who are relatively young and familiar with e-commerce shopping via the Internet.
Many of their customers do not want to use credit cards or do not have credit cards, and since cash on delivery would involve the hassle of always having to be home, they were looking for a payment method that met their customers’ needs when they learned about the “GMO later payment” service and introduced it.
With GMO later payment, credit checks can be made immediately after purchase, just as with credit cards, eliminating the need to contact the customer later to inform them that credit has been denied.
In addition, with cash on delivery, the customer would not only have to be home to receive the product but would also have to pay a handling fee. Because of the age of their customers, many of them make purchases over the phone, but they are not comfortable giving their credit card numbers over the phone, and GMO later payment service allows them to use the service without any resistance, so about 40% of their telephone orders choose GMO later payment.

Detail of the article:https://www.gmo-ps.com/case/aderans/

Service provider : GMO Payment Service Inc.
Service user : Aderans Company Limited

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