【 Video sharing portal site construction system | Case Study】

By utilizing a video sharing portal site construction system, training that has taken 1.5 days was reduced to 5 hours!

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【 Summary 】

Central Consultant Inc. provides consulting services for surveys, planning, and design related to social infrastructures such as roads, transportation, bridges, and disaster prevention.
When the spread of the coronavirus made it impossible to conduct group training, the company decided to adopt a new training method using ICT and initially conducted training via live delivery using an online conferencing tool. However, it was decided to switch to video delivery, as it was felt that there was no need to conduct training via live delivery and that video delivery had the advantage of being able to be viewed repeatedly.
When switching to video delivery, they initially chose to store the videos on the company server, but this was not convenient because they could not see a preview of the video and could not understand what the content was about. The company decided to introduce a video delivery tool and decided to use the “millvi Portal,” a video sharing portal site construction system from EVIRY Inc., because of its after-sales follow-up services.
When the system was introduced, support such as sharing other companies’ case studies and advice was provided, and the company was able to create training videos with almost no knowledge of video editing.
As a result, the company was able to reduce training time, travel costs, and other costs. Specifically, for example, in the case of position-specific training, which used to take one and a half days with participants gathered from all over Japan, the training time was reduced to five hours by changing the format to one in which participants could watch videos whenever they wanted in advance and discuss the content based on the videos.

Detail of the article:https://millvi.jp/case/31229/

Service provider : EVIRY Inc.
Service user : Central Consultant Inc.

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