【 HR Evaluation Cloud | Case Study】

HRBrain, an HR evaluation cloud, was introduced to centralize HR data. The necessary information can now be retrieved immediately, and managers can check the information of their subordinates even immediately after a transfer.

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【 Summary 】

JA MITSUI LEASING, LTD. introduced “HRBrain”, an HR evaluation cloud service, to improve the fact that personnel information is scattered in various folders and cannot be visualized or centrally managed, and that manual work such as Excel input and macro creation is required for evaluation work.
The deciding factors in the decision to implement HRBrain were that it matched the company’s primary objectives of “improving the efficiency of personnel evaluation work” and “ease of data collection”. After the system was implemented, employee information could be managed centrally, and tabs could be opened and explained to employees as if they were turning pages. In addition, since many of the executives who had just been transferred to new positions did not have a clear understanding of their subordinates’ information, the system also enabled them to keep track of their subordinates by giving them access to the employee roster.

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Service provider : HRBrain, Inc.
Service user : JA MITSUI LEASING, LTD.

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