【 Project management software | Case Study】

The introduction of “Redmine”, a project management software available on the cloud, clarified the overall picture of the project, which had been lacking in freshness and resolution, and greatly improved the speed of information sharing, both internally and externally.

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【 Summary 】

Ishidatec Co., Ltd. first digitized paper-based documents as part of its efforts to improve operational efficiency. However, as the number of files increased when they started managing them in spreadsheets, it became difficult to know which file was the latest, and multiple updates were required, making management difficult.
At first, the company tried to introduce another project management tool, but it did not work well in terms of data migration and other operational aspects, so they gave up on the idea. Later, a process control chart was introduced to manage tasks in a single spreadsheet, which proved to be effective to a certain extent.
However, since the process control chart was managing information with a rough granularity, the company once again considered introducing a project management tool and decided to introduce “My Redmine,” a cloud-based service for the project management software “Redmine”.
By introducing this system, the status of work was visualized, making it easier to check the status of the entire project, including tasks, and significantly reducing the time required for information sharing. In addition, the system’s ability to display Gantt charts for each user has made it easier to request work from employees who are not available and has enabled more efficient use of internal resources.

Detail of the article:https://hosting.redmine.jp/casestudy/ishida-tec/?fbclid=IwAR2etQVeG2tgSdhgCns15cjmvPB58gNiwYvI9U_8wCQOnXbNMo3NBitbyLg

Service provider : Far End Technologies Corporation
Service user : Ishidatec Co., Ltd.

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