【 Managed Cloud Services | Case Study】

Successfully reduced labor costs for AWS operations by 40% by implementing managed cloud services. Enabled engineers to focus on their core business.

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【 Summary 】

NAVIC Co., Ltd. is an IT company that provides a business Wi-Fi network environment as a service to its customers.
The service is based on the “AWS (Amazon Web Services)” cloud, but the company was faced with the challenge of reducing the burden of management as the number of users continued to increase. In addition, the engineers’ workload for troubleshooting and service development had become cumbersome, so the managed cloud service “Rackspace Service Blocks for AWS” was introduced to solve these issues.
The managed cloud service reduced the burden of operating the platform as an infrastructure, allowing the company to focus on its core business and work on service development. In addition, monitoring of equipment instances and a robust security platform was realized.
As a result, management costs and call center operations costs etc were reduced, and personnel costs related to AWS operations were cut by approximately 40%.

Detail of the article:https://cloudpack.jp/casestudy/226.html

Service provider : iret, Inc.
Service user : NAVIC Co.,Ltd.

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