【 Ozone generator | Case Study】

The introduction of ozone generators in taverns to combat coronavirus gave customers peace of mind about sterilization.

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【 Summary 】

The number of visitors to Home Cuisine “Yuumin” declined significantly due to the coronavirus. The number of regular customers, many of whom were in their 70s, also gradually declined.
In response to these effects, thorough infection control measures were implemented, including the installation of partitions and roll curtains.
This time, two models of ozone generators from Ozone Mart were introduced, partly because of a subsidy from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Since it is widely known that ozone is effective in sterilizing bacteria, the response from customers has been positive, and since it also has a deodorizing effect, the smell of cigarettes in the seating area has almost disappeared.

Detail of the article:https://www.ozonemart.jp/blogs/interview-food-manufacturer/clear3-cruller-yuumin?fbclid=IwAR0haqZ5AlLDSI-7vV-WIl5wQ4mUeekDRpkQ859PTS9ScDJg8SsyaeLN7ZU

Service provider : Earth Walker Trading CO.,LTD.
Service user : Home Cuisine “Yuumin”

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