【 Shared Storage Systems | Case Study】

The shared storage eliminated the need to copy data locally, which used to be done every time work was performed.

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【 Summary 】

TheTube Co., Ltd. is widely involved in the broadcast video industry, from post-production of TV programs to staffing and rental services.
When they were looking for a shared storage system that could run Avid Media Composer’s UHD DNxHR with as little cost as possible, they selected shared storage from Facilis Technology.
After installing Facilis, they previewed using Video Satellite. At that time, he said, “It is unbelievable that we can playback online from the shared storage without delay. It runs crisp and stress-free, and thanks to Facilis, I don’t have to copy data locally anymore, which I used to do every time I worked on a project, so I’m grateful.

Detail of the article:https://itochu-cable-systems.jp/case/tube.html?fbclid=IwAR0PXOhPYWIj-R7GqN-vUPMekx56U8ZljCgmPcDat_YAS0SGaXorYc5O5XY

Service provider : Itochu Cable Systems Corp.
Service user : TheTube Co., Ltd.

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