【 Business Chat | Case Study】

The introduction of the “WowTalk” business chat system made it possible to visualize the work of employees who do not normally see each other and to take care of even the smallest details.

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【 Summary 】

Sea Challenge Corp. is a Yokohama-based diving company that undertakes diving surveys, underwater photography, concrete deterioration surveys, and various data organization services throughout Japan.
Originally, communication was mainly done by phone or e-mail, but this was a challenge because it was time-consuming, especially when done by phone, and because the major disadvantages of phone calls were that “what you say or don’t say” would inevitably occur, and business communication on personal SNS could lead to a breach of confidentiality or information leakage. The decision was made to introduce “WowTalk,” a business chat system, as an alternative tool to the telephone.
After the installation of WowTalk, for example, when communicating about the relocation of a warehouse, the location is indicated with pictures, and when there is something unclear, a call is made directly from the WowTalk call. The combination of the talk and call functions has smoothed out the process of giving instructions. In addition, they used to use Google Spreadsheet to manage the process chart and message board, but now they can manage them using WowTalk.

Detail of the article:https://www.wowtalk.jp/case/sea-challenge.html?fbclid=IwAR0E9BSpPTh0QR73NqjTggZMMOnkdAuD1_zsnEcJohhXpYHPU7RsL-f6Tfk

Service provider : WowTech Inc.
Service user : Sea Challenge Corp.

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