【 AI Chatbot | Case Study】

Successfully implemented PEP, an AI chatbot, to reduce inquiries from more than 400 employees by 10%.

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【 Summary 】

ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD. had originally faced the problem that the volume of information on the company intranet was so large that employees could not immediately obtain the information they wanted when they needed it. On the other hand, the administrative department, including the general affairs department, was busy responding to similar internal inquiries on a daily basis, and the responses varied depending on the employee responding to the inquiry.
To solve these problems, the AI chatbot “PEP” was introduced. The company often received inquiries by e-mail or telephone, but as a result, the usage rate of PEP increased, and the time required to respond to each inquiry was reduced, resulting in the automation of more than 10% of the responses.

Detail of the article:https://pep.work/case/ana

Service provider : Givery, Inc.

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