【 Online Negotiation Tool | Case Study】

The introduction of the online business negotiation tool “VCRM” made it possible to respond to travel consultations, which had become difficult with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the number of consultations increased from before the introduction of the tool due to its favorable reception.

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【 Summary 】

Keiokanko corp. is in the travel and tourism business for a living, but it needed to change quickly and significantly in the wake of the new coronavirus. Many of the stores were located in front of train stations, and many customers felt uneasy about going out to crowded places to discuss their travel needs. Still, many customers wanted to travel and refresh their spirits for various reasons, so they decided to introduce an online consultation system that would allow them to consult with customers in peace, and the online business negotiation tool VCRM was introduced.
In addition to using VCRM for consultations with customers in stores, the company has changed its mindset by using it frequently for internal project meetings and meetings, etc. The ability to hold meetings even when locations are far apart has reduced time and costs and has also become part of the business reform. The company will continue to utilize VCRM even after the new coronavirus has been contained, as customers have commented on “how convenient the service is” and “It didn’t know that communicate online so easy” to have online conversations.

Detail of the article:https://ksj.co.jp/vcrm/casestudy/case_keiokanko.html

Service provider : KnowledgeSuite Inc.
Service user : keiokanko corp.

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