【 Business card management and sales support tool | Case Study】

Successfully strengthened new business development and organizational capabilities through the centralized case and customer information management by introducing “HotProfile,” a cloud-based business card management and sales support tool.

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【 Summary 】

BCC Corporation has a sales outsourcing business that dispatches sales personnel to major IT companies, a solutions business that sells IT solutions to small and midsize companies as an agent, and a healthcare business as its foundation.
The ratio of existing clients to new clients at BCC Corporation was approximately 9 to 1. Since sales representatives and clients work closely together, in many cases, only the sales representative has a clear understanding of the case, and this has led to the problem of sales activities being conducted on a person-to-person basis. To build a system to “strengthen new sales” and solve the “individualization” problem, they first introduced a business card management tool from another company, but it was not easy to use and required a lot of time and effort to input information, so they decided to switch to another tool and introduced HotProfile, a cloud-based business card management, and sales support tool. The decision was made to introduce HotProfile, a cloud-based business card management, and sales support tool. Hot Profile is easy and intuitive for anyone to use, has a high degree of freedom in changing templates and items, and gives the impression that it was developed with a particular focus on functions to strengthen sales capabilities, so the company decided to introduce it.
After HotProfile was introduced, it was so easy to use that before long it was spreading not only to their department but also to other departments. Before the introduction of HotProfile, they had to compile performance and individual results in a dedicated Excel file before meetings, but after Hot Profile was introduced, the custom report function made it possible to extract the information necessary for meetings and easily create documents. In addition, progress management has also become easier, as business cards can be registered from home with a smartphone, the system can be easily seen when reporting progress to the supervisor, and the function of the business meeting chart can immediately show whether important points have already been proposed or not.

Detail of the article:https://www.hammock.jp/hpr/jirei/jirei_bcc.html

Service provider : Hammock Corporation
Service user : BCC Corporation

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