【 Safety confirmation system | Case Study】

After searching for a low-cost safety confirmation system that was easy for users to use and install, Toyokumo’s Safety Confirmation Service 2 was introduced.

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【 Summary 】

RAKSUL INC. operates a sharing platform business and offers two services: RAKSUL, a printing and customer attraction support service, and HAKOBERU, a logistics service.
The company originally used a safety confirmation service that was attached to its web-based payroll check tool, but when that function was discontinued, the company began to think of a new way to confirm the safety of its employees, which led to the decision to introduce Toyokumo’s Safety Confirmation Service 2.
The deciding factors were ease of use and cost. The system is intuitive and easy to operate for both users and operators, with colorful screens and explanations for each item.

Detail of the article:https://anpi.toyokumo.co.jp/case/raksul.html

Service provider : Toyokumo, Inc.
Service user : RAKSUL INC.

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