【 Dedicated scheduling software for home visitation | Case Study】

The introduction of “CrossLog,” a scheduling software dedicated to home visitation, has succeeded in drastically reducing the time required to create schedules.

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【 Summary 】

Many of the patients who use visiting dentists use a variety of medical and long-term care services. In the past, the patient’s schedule was entered into an Excel spreadsheet based on information from the care manager or facility, and a monthly visit schedule was created. However, the reality was that the staff relied heavily on memory for information such as the patient’s residence and schedule, and it took an inordinate amount of time to coordinate the entire schedule. Since it was impossible to adjust the schedule if the staff did not know the area or were unfamiliar with it, there was also a risk that schedule adjustment would become difficult if something happened to a veteran staff member. To solve these problems, the company introduced CrossLog, a scheduling software program specifically designed for home visitation.
Particularly utilized are the NG alert function that comes up when there is a scheduling conflict, the GoogleMap linkage function that visualizes travel routes, and the Excel output function. As a result of the introduction of the software, the time required to create a schedule, which used to take more than a week and a half to calculate, can now be reduced to about two days.

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