【 Telephone answering service | Case Study】

With the introduction of a telephone answering service, they can concentrate on their business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the company’s telephone contact is in the hands of a professional telephone secretary.

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【 Summary 】

When he first established a product design company with a few friends, he had limited resources, with only a few staff members, including designers, sales, and planning. Hiring new employees would have cost a lot of money in labor costs, so they decided to introduce a telephone answering service.
Before the introduction of the call answering service, the company’s representative took about 30 calls per month by himself and shared the information among employees by sharing it on Slack, but it was inefficient and burdensome for the representative. The company asked the call answering service to share the details of the calls answered to Slack and to obtain a fixed number for the company and began using the service.
The company found that the service could be used at an overwhelmingly low cost compared to labor costs since it was possible to use the service for a total of 7,000 yen per month using the functions of up to 40 calls, a chat tool contact service, and a telephone number rental. Then the company introduced the service on a full-scale basis. The company was able to concentrate on its business by having a professional telephone secretary handle its telephone service, which is the face of the company.

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