【 AWS Comprehensive Support Services | Case Study】

Achieved the execution of AWS construction for the release of an application game in a short period of time and at optimal cost.

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【 Summary 】

Magi System is a software development company that engages in total planning, development, production, sales, and production business, mainly in the game business, including smartphone applications and online games.
The popularity of games for women is growing in China, and the market is larger than in Japan. The company then decided to cultural the Japanese version of “Sentimental Photography,” a nurturing and romance adventure application game for women that had been previously released in Taiwan, but it was necessary to meet extremely strict requirements, including load testing and tuning before release. The company lacked the experience, know-how, and human resources to meet these requirements, and the challenge was that it could not do so with its resources alone. The company also wanted its in-house engineers to focus on their core application development and service operation business, so it asked NHN Techorus Corp. to build the infrastructure.
Due to marketing reasons, the release date could not be changed, and the AWS environment had to be built in a short period of two months. The system was built using Mackerel, which is a system that is used by the company to manage the system.
 The introduction of the Standard Monitoring Plan, which uses Mackerel to monitor the system and provide primary response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, frees NHN Techorus Corp. from the time-consuming operation and maintenance of AWS, allowing them to focus on their core business of game development and service operation.

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Service provider : NHN Techorus Corp.
Service user : MAGI SYSTEM Inc.

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